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SRMS Platform

Resource Management Platform for Smart Cities

The SRMS Platform is a web-based solution. It efficiently collects and displays data from geographically dispersed IoT devices and subsystems.


Designed for diverse needs, the software is deployed in a publicly accessible cloud solution, with the potential for integration into private cloud systems. The input and data capacity aligns with cloud capabilities, expandable as needed. User authentication and encrypted connections via HTTPS/SSL protocols ensure secure access. Access levels determine modules accessible to users.

The SRMS Platform can be customized to reflect the customer's brand identity through a variety of customization options, including colors, fonts, and logos. This ensures that users will see the brand everywhere they interact with the platform, from logging in to viewing reports.

The SRMS Platform offers an interactive graphical map. Devices and virtual entities like luminaire groups are easily viewable. Selecting an element shows its status and components. Hierarchical arrangement allows easy overview and zooming for details. Virtual components, e.g., luminaire groups, inherit common properties. Grouping luminaires allows controlling "group" light levels as one "virtual" luminaire. Components can belong to multiple groups, responding to the latest instruction. Logic conflicts can be resolved by users. Changing states and parameters are logged as events, filterable for review. Parameter changes trigger combined events and alarms, transmitted via SMS/email or to higher-level systems through XML/JSON methods.

Higher-level systems integrate via the same authentication and API mechanism. Their actions are logged in the event log. The data analysis module generates concise, customizable reports with graphical or tabular formats. Report templates streamline repetitive tasks.

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Platform Features

Configuration Modes:
  • Group: Manage multiple outdoor lights simultaneously for synchronized actions.

  • Individual: Customize each light individually to cater to specific needs.

Basic Lighting Control:
  • Remotely turn lights on/off.

  • Adjust brightness levels for dimmable lighting according to user preferences.

  • Fine-tune color temperature for desired ambience.

  • Toggle between preset lighting scenes.

Advanced Lighting Control:
  • Schedule lighting events for automatic adjustments.

  • Create and save personalized lighting scenes.

  • Adapt lights based on geolocation and sync outdoor lighting with natural light cycles.

  • Customize lighting to match specific preferences.

  • Set timers for automated lighting changes.

  • Adjust lighting based on natural light availability.

  • Create unique lighting scenes for special occasions.

  • Automate lighting schedules for holidays.

  • Activate motion sensor-triggered lighting (for luminaires with external motion sensor):

    • Automatically turn on lights upon motion detection.

    • Adjust lighting duration based on motion sensing.

    • Customize motion sensitivity settings.

  • Mimic natural lighting patterns for enhanced well-being (for RGB luminaires).

Remote Accessibility for Diagnostics and Support:
  • Control lights remotely from any location using a SRMS Platform.

  • Troubleshoot issues remotely for efficient support.

  • Update controller’s firmware without on-site visits.

  • Receive notifications and alerts about lighting status.

Energy Optimization:
  • Monitor and track real-time energy consumption patterns.

  • Access past data on lighting usage.

  • Gain insights into energy consumption patterns.

  • Optimize lighting settings based on data analysis.

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