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SRMS Lighting™ Solution Overview

The foundational elements of the SRMS Lighting™ solution encompass the integration with a robust network infrastructure, the installation of luminaire controllers SRMS T20 and SRMS T20-G, and the configuration of the cloud-based lighting control system, SRMS Platform. Together, these components create the backbone of an innovative lighting management solution, ensuring efficiency and seamless control of lightening in various outdoor environments.

srms components EN.png

Solution Architecture

The architecture of SRMS Lighting™ solution is designed to deliver seamless and efficient lighting control across outdoor environments. Central to this structure is a mobile network infrastructure that optimizes communication, accompanied by a low-power mesh network empowered by Thread technology. This sturdy foundation facilitates the integration of luminaire controllers.

srms architecture EN.png

These controllers are strategically positioned throughout the landscape, forming a comprehensive network. The GSM controller can support a Thread-powered mesh network with up to 1000 controllers within a range of 2 kilometers. This inventive approach ensures a dynamic and cost-effective lighting system, harmoniously balancing connectivity, and expenditures. Designed with scalability in mind, the system easily incorporates multiple GSM controllers to suit requirements. This adaptability allows for seamless expansion in tandem with evolving needs.

The system's intelligence extends to the cloud-based server, home to the innovative SRMS Platform. This platform serves as the lightening control center, providing real-time monitoring, scheduling, and configuration options. One can access and manage the outdoor lighting from anywhere with an internet connection using a user-friendly web-based interface.

Solution Installation & Support

Embarking on the journey towards optimal outdoor lighting management with the SRMS Lighting™ solution is a collaborative effort that follows an installation and preparation process. We are not just providing a product, but a seamless process from the initial assessment to customized configuration. We work alongside our customers, ensuring that the installation journey is smooth and aligned with their unique lighting management needs.

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